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TRU Group are independent bankable technical engineering + business advisors, consultants, analysts and facilitators in venture development in Manufacturing & Industrial Products

For Corporate & Institutional Investors: TRU Group Inc has a full capability to evaluate investment targets especially those businesses in technology intensive manufacturing industries. TRU Group has Arizona Venture Capitaldeveloped a robust project ranking methodology using investor criteria to assist investor decision-making. Our due diligence capability is diverse (both technical & business), highly flexible and efficient, designed to be thorough but nevertheless meet the time constraints imposed on investors. For TRU Group due diligence scope please view - Technical Due Diligence for Investor Business Due Diligence TRU Group USA Canada Europe

For Companies, Owners and Entrepreneurs: TRU Group works with you to secure venture capital or other financing. Our capability as career manufacturing operations people provides the credibility you need. As specialists in high-tech or technology intensive enterprise we understand the

ALTERNATIVE TURNKEY PROJECT FINANCING TRU Group discourages the conventional turnkey-financing of advanced manufacturing projects as this approach undermines robust front-end engineering FEED. TRU Group will gladly act as "Owners Team" to organize turnkey (financing) approaches after our firm has completed the FEED front-end engineering!

importance of the front-end effort crucial to launching and operating such a company. Indeed, we can do most of what you need to set you up in business whether this be in Industrial Manufacturing or Resource Based business or Fabless Industrial Marketing or Innovative Alternative "Turnkey" Project Financing. TRU Group technical experts can be made available at special fee rates to promising start-ups. From start-up to divestiture we help you to strategically -

      • Obtain Venture Capital, Business, Project or other Financing
      • Innovative alternatives to "turnkey" project financing for advanced manufacturing
      • Securities compliant - Qualified Persons - Independent Documents
      • Prepare compelling Business Plans, Teasers and Information Memorandum
      • Restructure, Turnaround, Diversify or Expand
      • Value, Assess and develop Financial Models and projections
      • Conduct technical & business Due Diligence for investors and partner seekers
      • Independent Engineering & Scientific evaluation, process pilot and lab testing
      • Expert in Innovative Manufacturing introduction or New Product Commercialization
      • Undertake bankable Feasibility Studies and advise on Market Analysis
      • Forensic accounting and scientific engineering verification

TRU Photonics Packaging Clean RoomExample TRU Group Venture Financing, Management, Engineering and Operations
Start-up Photonic Optoelectronic Components

TRU Group Inc worked with founders of photonic device invention to write their investor business plan and strategy for the start-up. We undertook the techno-economic analysis, financial modeling and market research on photonic fiber-optic components and process for product commercialization of the new technology. TRU Group found and introduced (Silicon Valley) investors: The company obtained US$20 million venture financing and built clean room & assembly plant and growing aggressively. TRU Group managed design of the Tucson, AZ fiber optic manufacturing plant, supervised construction and ran operations for a year. Operations included the development of optoelectronic components, edfa fiber amplifiers, continuous-wave (CW) to high-energy pulsed lasers, fiber lasers, mid-IR supercontinuum laser source, special glasses and fiber. TRU Group has a particular strong capability in photonics and due to its USA location in Optics Valley also a strong network for its photonic & fiber optic consulting.TRU Group is quite well known on the USA West Coast [Bay Area Silicon Valley], East Coast [Wall Street] and Canadian [Bay Street] financing community as well as private equity groups, corporate partners, and angel investors and our assignments are global. Several investment banks and fund managers are our clients.


Whatever your investment need in high-tech industrial manufactured products please call TRU Group to discuss! tru group venture capital industry scope

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