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"TRU says US technology-intensive manufacturing needs Visionary Management to Maintain its Global Position and Build Domestic Production!" TRU GroupWhite Paper Commentary. TRU Group Inc, Tucson, AZ. May 6, 2015 Read more . . .

"Competitive and Strategic Considerations for the Extraction of High Value Non-Commodity Metals: An Overview of Lithium, Magnesium and Rare Earths Production" TRU Group Frontier Industries Paper 52nd annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2013) Montreal October 28, 2013 by Ioannis (John) Roumeliotis. Read more . . .
Download John Roumeliotis, VP TRU GroupFrontier Industries - COM-2013 PaperLithium, Magnesium and Rare Earths Production TRU Group

TRU's Dr Ihor Kunasz Ph.D (Geololgy) Whitepaper: BRINES RESOURCES AND RESERVES - Analysis of and Practical Recommendations for CIM’s Publication 'Best Practices for Resource and Reserve Estimation for Lithium Brines'Ihor Kunasz Lithium Brines download

"Shocking Future Battering the Lithium Industry through 2020"
TRU Group Inc Conference Presentation Tucson AZ Toronto ON January 2011. View the TRU Group presentation slide show - Read more...

"Sustainable lithium supplies through 2020 in the face of sustainable market growth"
TRU Group Inc Conference Presentation Tucson AZ Toronto ON January 2009. View the TRU Group presentation slide show (Replaced with Update 2011) - Read more...

"Blue Ocean Strategy - Ocean Strategy, Red or Blue, belongs in the Dead Sea!"
TRU Group Inc White Paper Tucson AZ Toronto ON, November 2006 - Read more...

"Arizona Opportunities for Expansion Through Regional Rationalization with Mexico"
In The Arizona Manufacturer by Sonia Vohnout. TRU Group Inc Published Article Tucson AZ, November 2006 - Read more...

"Distribution Strategy - Criteria and Rules"
TRU Group Inc White Paper Tucson AZ, October 16, 2006. Expand your Sales: In-house Sales Force, Distributors, Outsource or Export? Aerospace & Manufacturing Summit Panel Notes - Read more...

The Canadian Economy is Strategically Threatened! Canadian Competitiveness with the United States in Technology and Productivity
TRU Group Inc White Paper Toronto ON Tucson AZ, January 15, 2005. Postscript Canada Position September 2006 (updated May 12, 2015) - Read more...