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TRU Rare Earth Chemicals Plant ConsultantsTRU Group Rare Earth Team is unsurpassed in the western world with probably the strongest experienced-based rare earths consulting capability -The team members each have several years experience with all the major existing rare earth metal REM producers in China and the west - such as Molycorp and Lynas - as senior management, rare earth chemicals process engineers, mixed REE chemicals separation (box-type extraction), rare earth mineral ore process separation or concentration, RE geologists or mining. TRU Group Rare Earth Team members have assessed rare earth resources, designed and engineered rare earth mines / mining, mineral processing and rare earth REE final product plants. We are rare earth consultants with a comprehensive capability in rare earth metals project development that can build your project from rare earth resource through to high tech rare earth chemical plant and RE metals smelting. Our Rare Earth Elements scope of work and capability includes -

      • rare earth elements geology & resource assessment
      • REE rare earth extraction & process development and engineering REO
      • design & engineering of rare earth oxide plant / mineral processing / mine
      • custom design of rare earth oxide and RE metal separation & purification facilities
      • lab and pilot testing - REE minerals, intermediate and end products
      • REE engineering studies + detailed bankable feasibility studies
      • company / property due diligence for investors
TRU Group Rare Earth Consultants Molycorp Process USATRU Group Rare Earth Team Neo Performance Materials Molycorp has been undertaking laboratory experimentation and process pilot testing of ore samples as part of a detailed feasibility study for the development of a major north American based REE resource and REE rare earth oxide, REE carbonates and rare earth metals plant. Several production process options were engineered and simulated to test the best technical and financial outcome. TRU Group developed the mixed rare earth chemical process and individual RE separation method (using the box-type extractor for Oxalate / Carbonate precipitation). The rare earth mining, mineral processing and rare earth oxide plant was designed and engineered. Plant equipment was specified suppliers & quotations obtained for the main items. A full business (financial and marketing) assessment for various options was performed. Importantly, rare metal product marketing, pricing, rare earth metal price forecast, and competitive issues were studied and a strategy developed. The plant was positioned against China rare earth exporters, and main western contenders such as Molycorp (Mountain Pass, USA) and Lynas (Mount Weld, Australia), Solvay-Rhodia, France. Molycorp bankruptcy in 2014 was instructive as was its emergence from bankruptcy 2016 as Neo Performance Materials China then back to MP Materials in the USA..

Ongoing in late 2020 the TRU Group Rare Earth Team is again evaluating potential rare earth producers in the United States for a prominent American client. Previously TRU Group identified and assessed promising heavy rare earth metals development projects of over seventy under development in the west and ranked them according to clients criteria such as resource, products, manufacturing process options, operating costs, capital investment, utilities and management. In particular TRU Group rare earth metals consultant assessed the west's capability to supply REE needed for high tech electric vehicles and batteries. We evaluated processing amenability and compared costs of various producers and determined their competitiveness with REE producers in China. This was focused on heavy rare earth elements HREE (examples, Dysprosium Dy, Europium Eu, Terbium Tb, Yttrium, Y) used in permanent magnets for electric motors. TRU Group has a sound consultancy capability in all aspects of rare earth metal and rare earth metal alloy smelting.

Indeed, TRU Group in has been engaged on the design of a high tech rare earth research & development laboratory for REE mineral selection through to magnets (used in electric vehicle motors) and other applications. TRU Group undertook a detailed technical and amenability assessment of the addition of rare earth elements to road markings and signs to enhance autonomous self-driving vehicle ability to sense their presence.

TRU Group Inc has worked in the developmentChina Rare Earth Plant in batou-REO oxides TRU Group of new high tech applications for rare earth elements REE's and Heavy Rare Earth Oxide HREO. Our rare earth team is very well connected in China and uses experts and laboratory capabilities that are more available in China than in the west to complement our strong North American based capability. (China controls more than 90% of global production of rare earth elements and REE heavy metals). TRU Group has RE experts specialized on every aspect of REE technology, REO process & plant engineering and development. Our Rare Earth Team has special expertise in Radiochemical Solution Process Engineering in the processing and handling of rare earths such as uranium and thorium or niche process design and material handling inputs to 177Lu recovery, purification, and stock recovery from isotopically enriched ytterbium.

TRU Group periodically updates its REE price forecast price forecast 2020, attends rare earth conferences and releases REE press statements or whitepapers. Please viewRare Earth Elements Events and press release TRU Group USA Canada Europe
The firm keeps abreast of of events and indeed recently studied the impact or third party rare earth "toll refining" or "contract manufacturing" potential impact on the global rare earth industry.

The TRU Group Rare Earth Team has also worked in the applications for REE's. TRU Group assisted a company to introduce scandium metal and technology to the west. Scandium had long been used in high tech aerospace in the former Soviet Union. TRU Group has strong capability in the removal of sulphur by REE lanthanam containing fluid catalytic cracking in light fuel oil. TRU Group president was VP Operations with a manufacturer of erbium doped optical fiber and photonic optical amplifiers (edfa) for telecommunications networks.

The rare earths space is a designated Bttery Matierials Frontier Industries TRU Group USA. As such we strive for global leadership, including the most comprehensive capability, and also work extensively in related sectors such as graphite-graphene, lithium, magnesium metal and lithium-ion battery and other high tech materials.

REE DEFINITION: The definition of rare earths elements usually encompasses the elements of the periodic table from Atomic Number 57 to 71 (the Lanthanide series) and may alternately include or exclude one or more of several elements, namely Scandium (Sc), Yttrium (Y), Lanthanum (La) or Lutetium (Lu). Likewise heavy rare earth elements (HREE) may also include certain elements based on their common mineral occurrence or chemical properties. TRU Group has adopted the definition of REE to include all elements in the Lanthanide series (Atomic Number 57 to 71) as well as Yttrium (Atomic Number 39). Elements belonging to the HREE subcategory include some of the Lanthanide elements from Atomic 62 to 71 as well as Yttrium. Heavy Rare Earth definition HRE + Y = Samarium • Europium • Gadolinium • Terbium • Dysprosium • Holmium • Erbium • Thulium • Ytterbium • Lutetium • Yttrium. Light Rare Earth definition LRE = Lanthanum • Cerium • Praseodymium • Neodymium • Promethium.

TYPICAL REE MINERALS: Aeschynite • Bastnasite • Eudialyte • Euxenite • Fergusonite • Gadolinite • Loparite • Monazite • Monsadrite • Orthite • Parisite • Priorite • Samarskite • Synchysite • Thorite • Xenotime • Yttrocerite

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