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Today's industrial manufacturing company functions in a complex and uncertain environment so sound focused market information is the underpinning of meaningful decision-making. So at TRU Group high quality custom market research is always part of a wider assignment - an important component of our integrated strategic solutions together with engineering, feasibility studies and due diligence. TRU Group in 2022 has re-oriented and will seldom undertake its own market research study. But TRU Group uses its expertise to assist our clients select and integrate any market study they may require as part of a wider assignment TRU Group is working on. In any event published market survey studies hardly ever provide the specific or quality of information that a company can rely on to attain a real winning competitive edge: TRU Group provides next level advice and integration of market research and analysis to fulfill your particular need.

TRU Group market research logo USATypical TRU Group Market Research Advice On ...

      • Customer and Consumption Demand Analysis
      • Product Assessment by Customer User and End-use Segment
      • Technical, Engineering and Manufacturing Integration
      • Distribution, Market Structure and Pricing Dynamics
      • Competitive Intelligence, Competition & Supply Analysis
      • Client Strategic Competitive Positioning in the Market
      • Market, Demand, Supply, Technology and Price Forecast
      • Findings and Recommendations to Client
      • Integration of Market Research with Feasibility Studies or Technical Due Diligence

TRU Group market research logo USATypical Tasks in TRU Group Management of your Industrial Marketing Research...

      • Collection and Analysis of Published Data (Secondary Market Survey Research)
      • Sample Field Market Survey Interviews of User-Buyer Customer
      • Interviews of Distributors, Agents and Importers
      • Personal Interviews of Market CompetitorsTRU market survey example report
      • Analysis, Modeling, Forecasting and Assessment
      • Reporting and Presentation to Client
* An "Industrial-Product" is defined as a product that is purchased by an industrial buyer (rather than and individual consumer). Industrial markets have very different unique characteristics and to understand them require the type of specialized capabilities of TRU Group Inc.

tru group global market research consultantTRU Group Inc can advise, integrate or manage your custom market survey.
Our teams are cross-functional and highly (technically) qualified. We conduct detailed marketing feasibility studies when no existing quality alternative is available.. We Undertake the Most Challenging Market Research - Delphi Technique Assessments / Internet Based Market ResearchFinding and Retaining Industry Customers TRU Group

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