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TRU Magnesium SmelterTRU Group Magnesium Team claims the world's strongest experienced-based capability in magnesium metal and downstream products. One of the reasons for this is that TRU Group president and our other expert consultants have spent many years employed in the magnesium industry. There has only been one magnesium smelters built in the west within the last twenty years. There have been many other attempts that were technical and/or financial failure- including new western Pidgeon Process plants*]. China still dominates magnesium supply using Pidgeon process technology originally developed in Canada. The dominance of China in the magnesium metal industry is facing new scrutiny entering 2022 as the West comes to grips with the negativity surrounding China relations. Western relations with magnesium supplier Russia have collapsed first quarter 2022. In addition the Chinese industry relies almost exclusively on coal energy, a situation detrimental to the environment. With the situation on Putin's Russian War against Ukraine and China's increasing isolation for supporting Russia and its own aggressive behavior, Western countries are anxious to pivot away from the two now clear adversaries. The opportunity for new Western magnesium supply has never been so stark and momentous.. TRU Group has for decades been urging the West to end its reliance on Chinese magnesium metal!

The TRU Group Magnesium Team, with more than fifty years hands-on experience operating a Canadian magnesium smelter, for years has provided a wide scope of technical and business advice to several operations globally and especially in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and recently India. We have has also been heavily consulted on downstream industries and high-tech magnesium-applications in these countries as well as Japan and Korea. TRU Group has a unique Pidgeon Process design not available anywhere which includes an exclusive retort design and engineering to reduce emissions and carbon footprint. This design is NOT available elsewhere! We are also expert at magnesium extraction from brine and the attendant electrolytic approach to magnesium metal production.

TRU Group Inc was recently been engaged in engineering both mineral and brine based magnesium smelters -

Prefeasibility Brine-Based Magnesium Extraction & Mag Smelting

Magnesium Electrolytic Smelter in the Gulf for an Indian Multinational: This 2023 assignment involves the extration of magnesium from brine and processing into high-purity magnesium metal and alloy. There may be other by-products once TRU Group has run the simulations and ranked options for the plant configuration. The prefeasibility phase is expected to take about six months to complete.TRU Group electrolytic magnesium-smelter

Project Due Diligence - Brine Based Magnesium Extraction

Magnesium Electrolytic Smelter and Alloy Plant
Investor Due Diligence on behalf of potential investors for the $600 million Egyptian Magnesium Company electrolytic magnesium smelter and alloy plant. In particular TRU group conducted a technical evaluation of what was stated to be the DOW magnesium process (magnesite rather than sea water) and assessed the plans for production of magnesium alloys. TRU Group also evaluated and re-stated the marketing and financial plan, and modified the financial model. TRU Group is a global leader in salt lake brine industries in parallel to those based on ore. Magnesium used to be extracted from brine from the Dead Sea: Ninety per cent of the world's lithium is harvested from salt flat brine where magnesium is considered a by-product: TRU Group is expert at the commercial production of magnesium compounds from brine. Also see TRU Group extract magnesium from brine

Pre-feasibility Study Magnesium Metal Facility

Gulf Magnesium Pidgeon Process Smelter and Mag Alloy Plant: TRU Group early 2023 completed a thorough prefeasibility study in a middle eastern Gulf state. TRU Group is not only implementing its totally unique magnesium smelter design, but also using its new energy saving techniques that reduce carbon footprint In addition NO Chinese equipment will be employed. TRU Group has found that quite positive situation exits TRU Group looks forward to urgently implementing its recommendations on behalf of our client!.

Bankable Feasibility Study Magnesium Metal Complex

Magnesium Pidgeon Process Smelter, Mag Alloy Plant, Downstream Mg Componentstru-group-magnesium-smelter-2022-romania
TRU Group conducted a detailed bankable feasibility study involving all aspects technical, engineering, business and financing of a completely new magnesium metal, alloy and downstream plant [powder, granules, extrusions, parts]. Process developed by TRU Group was a blend of western and Chinese technology. Bankable study included obtaining equipment quotations globally from equipment vendors. Designed & engineered the magnesium complex, recommended equipment, marketing & distribution, financial viability and assisted in implementation This TRU Group project and similar at Deming NM in USA and other western countries are ongoing..
Late 2022, ongoing into 2023 TRU Group is engaged to conduct a feasibility for a new magnesium metal and alloy smelter in Romania that will take advantage of a large dolomite deposit and the new Brua natural gas pipeline that is routed through the area. Importantly TRU Group Engineer Engineering Magnesium Smelter Pidgeon Process Metal

Price, Supply-Demand Forecasting

Magnesium Long Range Price Forecast
For a number of clients TRU magnesium consultants has provided custom magnesium price forecasts through 2013. This TRU Group forecast took into account production cost differences between China and the west, import and dumping duties in the United States, and several other determining factors such as global magnesium supply-demand. TRU Group monitors the magnesium market and is especially in touch with the magnesium industry in China through our China Beijing presence.

Plant Bankable Feasibility

Magnesium Extrusion and High Pressure Die Casting Plant
TRU Group magnesium consulting undertook a bankable feasibility study of a magnesium Extrusion and High Pressure Die Casting Plant as part of a magnesium metal smelting and alloy smelter. This involved the TRU Group technical and business team designing and specifying all aspects of the plant. A full business plan requiring bankable feasibility accuracy was prepared.

TRU Group Magnesium Team has extensive experience in all aspects of magnesium and magnesium alloy intermediate & downstream processing and end-use applications. We can advise on the most up-to-date innovative technologies and advanced leading edge methods. These include specialty retort-tubes, billet casting, thixomoulding, mag metal powders, spherical magnesium alloy granules for injection moulding and magnesium extrusions. TRU is expert at all magnesium end-uses such as automotive, aerospace and construction.

Magnesium Minerals and Magnesium Process Related

Dolomite, Coke-oven-gas, FerrosiliconUS demming NM magnesium smelter complex TRU Group
TRU Group magnesium consultant has also undertaken several magnesium ore assignments, for example, dolomite exploration & mining, mineral process development on other magnesium minerals such as magnesite, serpentine, carnallite, brucite, huntite, calcite and sea water and other brines. For example, in the last year TRU Group was engaged on:

    • Serpentine - Due Diligence for a Silica Magnesium Project in the Gulf Corporation Council States in which serpentine is the mineral feedstock for multiple plants including magnesium metal (firstly by converting serpentinized ore to carnallite) and specialty silica products - precipitated silica, colloidal silica, fumed silica and silica gel. TRU Group has developed a plan for further development of the project which is ongoing.
    • Brucite - Feasibility of a Romanian magnesium smelter that would use local Calcite-Brucite mineral feedstock. TRU has been engaged for some time on technical studies to determine the amenability of the brucite to Pidgeon process production of magnesium metal, as well as undertaking a feasibility study. Calcined lime will also be produced as a by-product for regional construction project. Local coal is being investigated by TRU as an energy source (conversion to coke-oven-gas and coal coke). In 2012 conducted commercial scale pilot testing of the Romanian brucite in China. This Romanian magnesium projects is under new consideration ending 2021 and TRU Group expects to move forward with further development of this calcite-brucite magnesium smelter..

Magnesium Calcining Rotary KilnTRU Group is expert on magnesium production using conventional pidgeon, silico-thermal, electrolytic, Russian, Dow (sea water brine process) , Chinese, magnola, and western technology as well as the experimental and "improved" processes under development such as aluminothermic reduction of HP MgO, Orion Laboratories, Zuliani and MINTEK. We have also studied dolime [intermediate dolomite calcining kiln product], ferrosilicon [required in Pidgeon process magnesium smelting process], retort manufacturing plant design, coal coke-oven-gas / coal gasifier [used extensively in China as the fuel in the retort furnaces], magnesium applications [including lithium-magnesium cells]/ Output product expertise include MgO & Mg(OH)2 Sythetic Grade, Brucite - Mg(OH)2 Natural Grade, Caustic Calcined Magnesite, Dead Burnt Magnesite, Fused Magnesia, Electro grade MgO, Magnesium Chloride, and Magnesium Sulphate. Our expertise extends to the use of similar technology for strontium and calcium metal smelting. In 2020 TRU Group completed a feasibility study of a strontium metal facility comparing EU and Mexico as possible locations.

TRU Group Magnesium Team has in depth capability in magnesium compounds and Mg chemicals - such as magnesium carbonate, chloride, hydroxide, sulphate, magnesia, lime, specialty cements and refractories.
Beware Technical Failures - they have been widespread and some huge in magnesium. The Magnola Project based on technology engineered by a leading Canadian engineering firm cost Noranda & others $1.3 billion loss. The new Malayan (2010) and then (2014-15) Iranian Pidgeon based projects did not work. Brine based projects worldwide have underperformed and proved unprofitable. Chinese magnesium brine projects, existing and planned, have all floundered (or likely to fail) and others brine-based in the West closed down. In Oct 2019 Shanghai Salt Lake Industry Corporation (QSLIC) in Golmud, China recent start-up magnesium metal from brine Australia Magontec's Chinese partner declares bankruptcy.- latest casualty predictably is the Dead Sea Magnesium Plant in Israel. The Sabkha Mg Brine Project in the Arabian Gulf also doomed! US Magnesium LLC, Salt Lake City, UT is brine based but (only) makes its money due to import duty protection as the only USA magnesium metal producer. Magnesium technology is tricky and requires the unique strong direct experience of our firm.
Some of the western mag smelter projects that are in the news 2020 include: Alliance Electrolytic, Latrobe Magnesium, Nevada Clean Mag, POSCO, Silmag Electrolytic and Temag Alloys.

TRU Group has worked extensively in industries related to magnesium such as mag smelter residue processingCement use of Coal Fly Ashand coal fly ash conversion both of which can be use in high tech specialty cement. Fracking has been a major determinant in the USA of the rapid fall in natural gas prices a factor which could be a game-changer for other industries TRU Group is expert in the extraction of magnesium from brine, please view Also see : TRU Coal Gasification & Natural Gas Chemicals I Itru group mining minerals smelting engineers

TRU Group claims the Worlds Most Qualified Magnesium Team. Magnesium smelting is designated a TRU Group Frontier Industry. Our magnesium industry capability is diverse and comprehensive. Our team is made up of distinguished world renown magnesium experts, some with over twenty years direct hands on experience working for magnesium metal producing companies.

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Edward R. Anderson, B.Sc. (Eng)., Dpl (Marketing Research)., MBA., FCIArb, President TRU Group Inc spent ten years as Director Corporate Planning at Timminco Ltd, the west's only commercial scale Pidgeon process magnesium producer. He is an expert on business, marketing, financial, and the technical aspects of magnesium metal & alloy.TRU-china-magnesium-smelter.jpg

Meet TRU Group at IMA International Magnesium Association 2023 for 80th Annual IMA World Magnesium Conference!, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on 14-16 May 2023

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