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TRU Group Manufacturing Operations


TRU Group Existing Manufacturing Plant Improvement Consulting
Industrial Engineering + Production Control + Automation + Lean Manufacturing + TQM

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Mechanical Assembly
Continuous Process
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Extractive Industries Custom Equipment Automated Assembly Advanced Mechanization

TRU Group Manufacturing Engineers ConsultancyManufacturing Consulting & Technology Supplier to IndustryTRU Group Scope of Engineering Consultancy

TRU Group Inc has comprehensive factory production engineering capability for improving existing manufacturing operations.

TRU Group focuses on assisting manufacturing companies implement leading-edge production methods in any manufacturing enterprise from materials to end-product. We thrive on advancing the conventional to state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and production improvement or process or equipment upgrading. The spectrum is illustrated in two typical TRU Group assignments: high-end sensors tru group-machine-vision-consultantsfor autonomous driverless vehicles versus an automated USA pigment-paint plant). Our Project Managers are certified professional engineers with years of hands-on industry experience managing plants across a wide variety of sectors. We have the flexibility to engage the best distinguished specialist experts on a project basis when required. TRU Group Manufacturing Production Consultants is close to North American / European high-tech automation equipment and control suppliers: Indeed access to the finest production methods capabilities available, and for the integration of game-changing engineering technologies with practical strategic business operations -

Production Operations Engineering for Industrial Factories, Plants, Processes, Equipment, Machines, Products, Materials & Projects

State-of-the-Art advanced design & engineering for new or upgrading niche technology plants / processes
      • Detailed production operations review for Industrial Manufacturing Factories, Plants, Processes and Projects
      • Manufacturing, Automation Design, Machine Design & Industrial Engineering
      • Equipment upgrading & new Equipment Selection, Specification and Global sourcing (including in Europe, China, India and Mexico) tru group battery materials and lithium battery plant engineering
      • Lean Manufacturing, Advanced Mechanization, Machinery Design & Production Engineering
      • Robotics, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence AI, Sensors, Vision Systems
      • Production Methods Technical Lender Due Diligence + Plant & Operations Inspection or Audit
      • Work Studies, Labor productivity Enhancement and Benchmarkeing
      • Continuous Improvement (example: Lean SixSigma, ISO/AS/TS) Engineering
      • High-precision inspection systems and SPC Statistical Process Control
      • Equipment / Machine/ Product / Process Testing, Approval and Certification
      • Materials Selection, joining / bonding of advanced materials
      • All aspects of Total Quality Management in Production and with enterprise integration
      • Request for Quotation Techno-economics, Managerial Finance and Financial Modeling
      • Manufacturing technology strategy, development and implementation
TRU Group can manage your entire factory production engineering project - from efficiency assessment, technology supply through implementation and operation!
We thrive on the most challenging technology-intensive assignments!
TRU Group Facilities plant engineeringTRU Group technical due diligence of manufacturing plants

TRU Group Inc is a registered member of Professional Engineering Ontario Canada. Engineering work is by American, Canadian or European Professional Engineers. Join the TRU Group Manufacturing Industries Engineering Team

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