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TRU Group works locally in India, ASEAN Member States, and others in the proximity, through our own Roster of Experts in the region. TRU Group assignments are managed directly from North America but our India-based consultants assist and support the effort. All TRU Group consulting services are provided in the region whether it is in engineering, manufacturing production design, operations, industrial venture development, market research, or export-import trade. Our western-based consultants also routinely visit the region from North America or Europe.

India Manufacturing Revolution » "Entering this decade TRU Group believes India is on the verge of somewhat of a manufacturing revolution as the world pivots from China to more amenable (and technology-friendly) industrial & trading environments as exist in India. India, like China, has the population to support exponential industrial growth for domestic consumption, yet maximize exports. Now in 2022 there is a extraordinary further opportunity to urgently replace war-mongering Russia (and its China ally) as a supplier to the democratic countries. For India this massive opportunity will be realized provided it domestically radically improves industrial production efficiencies. Part of the new posture should be to adopt much more of a robust approach to the independent front-end engineering of manufacturing projects. Reliance on equipment suppliers as so called “technology providers” is reckless. We also strongly discourage turnkey financing of advanced manufacturing projects as this undermines essential robust engineering. At TRU Group Equipment Suppliers are not "Technology Providers" or "Technology Suppliers" and there are far better ways to finance projects than turnkey! – Ed Anderson, President TRU Group Inc

We are aware of, and can advise on the the pitfalls of doing business in region, including on the core issue of the extensive practice by Indian entities of using equipment suppliers (posing as technology suppliers) for engineering advice‡.

For Western Companies we can set you up for production in India with your own plant or in partnership or through contract manufacturing with existing factories. For new businesses we do feasibility studies and India supplier reliability / quality checks or investment due diligence for example. We can also assist North American companies to export to and from India and resolve trade issues, and navigate through the disruptive Trump trade policy era. TRU Group can independently (unlike the promoters or agents of India trade) evaluate any aspect of manufacturing in India (and indeed compare with the US, Canada or elsewhere - such as China, Mexico, or Brazil).

India lithium battery assemby factory TRU Group

India Conglomerate - Li Battery Assembly

Li-Ion Battery Plant Front-End Design

In 2020 TRU Group concluded a lithium-ion battery (part) pilot plant front end designed involving state-of-the art US, Europe, Japanese and Korean technology. This was for a major Indian conglomerate headquartered in India and active globally. Assignment was focused on using the most high tech methods (typically not available outside of the above mentioned countries) .

EV Lithium Ion Battery Factory Feasibility

Billion Dollar Integrated Li Battery Facility Indonesia
TRU Group In 2021 is engaged to determine the viability of a billion-dollar lithium Indoneia Electic Vehicle Li-ion Battery Factoryion battery manufacturing plant in Indonesia. This Indonesian factory will produce nickel based EV batteries as well as cathode precursors and graphite anodes. The focus will be on Lithium-ion Batteries using nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) and nickel-cobalt-aluminum (NCA) chemistries. Batteries for energy storage - wind, solar, industry, and small scale - will also be evaluated for production. TRU Group will also assess conceptually whether nickel-based cathodes or cathode precursor chemicals, and potentially other battery parts like coated anodes, cells or packs, should also be produced front-end at the site. The comprehensive assignment includes the feed front-end design and engineering, using productive enhanced automated manufacturing.

Prefeasibility India Brine-Based Magnesium Extraction & Mag Smelting

Magnesium Electrolytic Smelter in the Gulf for an Indian Multinational: This 2023 assignment involves the extration of magnesium from brine and processing into high-purity magnesium metal and alloy. There may be other by-products once TRU Group has run the simulations and ranked options for the plant configuration. The prefeasibility phase is expected to take about six months to complete.

TRU Group electrolytic magnesium-smelter

TRU Group has also been engaged by high profile ASEAN petroleum companies for assignments in lithium extraction and from Vietnam on the design of a rare earth elements REE pilot plant.

India Talcher Coal Gasifier for Urea TRU Group Engineers

High Ash Coal Gasification for Chemicals Technical Review India Operations

Gasification of Indian coal for Urea Production

For Coal India and SBI Bank of India, TRU Group was engaged on an assignment in India focused on production of 1.3 million tpy urea fertilizer and ammonium nitrate from Indian high ash coal. Assessed status of the project including new gasification technology options for high ash coal gasification (ash contents >35%). TRU Group particularly evaluated the status of using fixed bed, fluidized bed, and entrained flow gasification for the lower grade coal typically found in India - specifically for the production of urea. TRU Group Gas Chemicals & Gasification Team proposed further evaluations of particular coal gasifier designs based on "matching--gasifier-to-coal" technology" testwork and an innovative positive way forward for the project. The assignment also involved Talcher Fertilizers Ltd (TFL) GAIL, Coal India Ltd (CIL), Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd (RCF) and Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd (FCIL).

TRU Group CleanTech Coal Power with Gasifier eliminates Carbon Storage

India Electronics Trade for Brazil

Electronic Components
For India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO).TRU Group surveyed the Brazilian electronic components and electronic equipment market and international competition for electronic components. We worked out market penetration strategies for the foreign based manufacturer and subsequently accompanied Indian businesspeople on a Brazilian visit to promote their India manufacturers electronics products & equipment.

at TRU Group "Equipment Suppliers" are not "Technology Providers"

TRU Group will provide the specification for the equipment based on its own expertise first and only then seek out equipment suppliers that can meet the TRU Group specification. Importantly, TRU Group independently verify equipment performance claims by the supplier and advise clients on selection. Equipment suppliers have a singular agenda - to sell their equipment! At TRU Group Equipment Suppliers are not "Technology Providers" or "Technology Suppliers". Indeed, TRU Group considers this posture good practice and not to do so is a denial of its professional responsibilities as registered bankable engineers. TRU Group is registered by Professional Engineers Ontario, Canada and has worked heavily in India and region extending all TRU Group Integrated Manufacturing Consulting Services to India.

Will India be laughed at next? Will companies pivot to India after the G20 debacle?

TRU Group View: The old India was on display at the G20 Delhi conference March 2023 when India failed to lead and condemn Putin's Russian war against democracies like India. Instead Narendra Modi emulated China!
As most of the Western World (141 countries) pivots away from its adversaries Russia & China, India could have been seen as the obvious alternative business partner to Russia & China. After the G20 display this huge opportunity for India is all but lost. By not standing up for democracy, India is tacitly supporting the Russian-China war-mongering axis. India itself is seemingly increasingly a security risk both as a trading partner and for technology ownership protection. Without action, India will become a haven for sanction-busting.
Narendra Modi should understand - there are massive negative economic consequences for his lack of leadership - and his actions will deter pivoting companies from choosing India as a partner!
India hosted G20 Meeting March 2023: Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, was laughed at in Delhi after saying the Ukraine war was "launched against us".

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TRU Group India Expert Roster: There are several India-based manufacturing industry experts registered on the TRU Group Expert Roster. A number of these people have participated in TRU Group assignment around the world including in the United States. All TRU Group Assignments are managed directly from North America, ensuring our methods and standards are strictly applied, but local people are an integral part of our work in India too. Some of the Indian experts have North American or European experience and mesh seamlessly with the core TRU Group North American members India-based experts submit resume / CV

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