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TRU Group Gas Chemicals and Gasification

TRU Group Natural Gas & Combustible Gases from Gasifier Technology
Cleantech Coal Gas Process and Natural Gas-Based Reforming Chemical Production

TRU Group Gasification and Gas Chemicals Team is one of the strongest available, employing the most distinguished experts using advanced clean-coal, natural gas reforming technology and carbon capture. biogas gasification chemical gasifier The team's expertise is comprehensive for integrated plant design & engineering, feasibility studies or investor due diligence for any facility amenable to a clean coal gasifier technology. TRU Group engineers custom facilities and in this respect is a technology supplier for cleaner coal use gasification and natural gas reforming. The scope encompasses parallel fields like natural gas chemicals, coal-based chemicals and coal specification for gasifiers focused on chemicals from coal production. The following is a sampling of TRU Group assignments in gasification and chemicals from gas and here is a sampling of our assignments -

tru-gasifier-inspect.jpgTRU Group Inc Gas Chemicals & Gasification Consultant Scope
TRU Group "Matching-Gasifier-to-Coal" Testwork
Underground Coal Gasification
Residue Gasification
TRU Group "CleanTech Coal Power Generation"


Urea Fertilizer
Ammonia Synthesis
Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer
Green Ammonia
Oxo Alcohol
Hydrogen H2
Natural Gas Partial Oxidation

Detailed Feasibility of Clean Coal Technology Energy Complex

Coal Coking Plant + Coke-oven-Gas + Coal Gasification Feasibility
TRU Group Gasifier Team undertook a detailed feasibility study of a coal based energy complex comprising a coal coking plant, coke-oven-gas, coal gasification, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles IGCC, power plant, coal handling and coal mining. Studied options and determined best technical, environmental and economic conclusions. Obtained quotations from suppliers in the west and China. Also assessed local coal resource, coal mining issues and costs. Detailed operational and financial plan compiled.

High Ash Coal Gasification for Chemicals Technical Review

Gasification of Indian high ash coal for Urea Production
In 2016-17 TRU Group is engaged on a similar assignment in India focused on production of 1.3 million tpy urea fertilizer and ammonium nitrate from Indian high ash coal. Assessed status of the project including new gasification technology options for high ash coal gasification (ash contents >35%). TRU Group particularly evaluated the status of using fixed bed, fluidized bed, and entrained flow gasification for the lower grade coal typically found in India - specifically for the production of urea. TRU Group has proposed further evaluations of particular coal gasifier designs based on "matching--gasifier-to-coal" technology" testwork and an innovative positive way forward for the project.India Talcher Fertilizer Coal Gasifier India TRU Group USA The assignment for Coal India and SBI Bank of India also involved Talcher Fertilizers Ltd (TFL) GAIL, Coal India Ltd (CIL), Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd (RCF) and Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd (FCIL). See TRU Group India.

Coal Gasification for Chemicals Bankable Feasibility

Coal Synthesis Gas for Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer + New Urea Fertilizer Plant
TRU undertook a bankable feasibility study on the viability of a $700 million coal-based synthesis gasification gas plant to produce gas suitable for the production of ammonia and the upgrading of existing facilities for the production of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate fertilizer. The specific operations investigated were coal handling, preparation for gasification, coal gasification and ash handling. OMB, Opposed Multi-Burner Gasification, was selected after evaluation. See details at:TRU Gasifier Consultant Animation

Natural Gas Reforming & Synthesis Gas:
TRU Group engineered synthesis gas production and purification including shifting, acid gas removal and any other required processes. TRU Biomass GasifierAlso determined requirement and design for capacity enhancement of the air separation, ammonia synthesis, nitric acid and new urea fertilizer facility for urea granules. TRU Group continues to assist the client with pilot testing and implementation as part of the Owners Team.

TRU Group Inc is expert in natural gas reforming for natural-gas-based medium scale industry such as urea fertilizer, Methanol Oxo Alcohol Hydrogen. Indeed, TRU Group is early 2021 is on an assignment integrating small-scale methanol production with s Chlor Alkali Facility for one of America's largest oil & gas producer. The feed is for the methanol plant is hydrogen gas but carbon dioxide is required in the process, thus providing a carbon capture H2 and green ammonia component. See also TRU Group consultancy capability in Potash Fertilizer.

Investor Technical and Business Due Diligence

Novel Biomass Gasifier Design
TRU Group assessed the technology and techno-economics of a new design for a biomass gasifier. The proposed feedstock was waste forest chips, cut-offs and other materials. The technical viability and competitive positioning of the novel gasification process was assessed. The market potential for the design was assessed as well as competitive technologies. TRU Group advised our client on the viability of the business and the risks associated with the proposed investment.

CleanTech Coal Power with Gasifier eliminates Carbon Storage

TRU Group has a particularly strong high tech capability to significantly improve coal-use efficiency for existing thermal electric power plants through implemntation of retrofit "clean coal" technology. This low investment first step can sometimes produce astounding reductions of deleterious emissions and carbon. TRU Group has exceptional skills in carbon capture zeolites, and with other types of adsorbents, such as carbons, metal–organic frameworks (MOFs), silicas and is knowledgeable in this research area being the application of zeolites or other porous materials. Beyond this step TRU Group offers an entirely new highly innovative approach to carbon capture through gasification (thus converting much of the carbon to salable products and additional power).

STEP I: High Tech Management of Coal to the Power Plant: With current operations, optimization is the the fastest way to cost effective stability: achieving significant efficiency and environmental improvement, together with stability, with minimum upfront coal preparation and investment -

    • Coal destoning to <30%, dry benefaction, almost a screening to remove the pyrite and rock fragments
    • Blending on sintering / fusion point. In some plants blending is based on Ash Fusion Temperature (AFT) which is the best optimal operating point for a specific plant running a single or coal blend. Thermo-equilibrium simulation of the coal blend based on FACTSAGE (or slag profile simulation) will supply the optimum temperature for stable and effective operation. With this tool the TRU Group Team is able to accurately achieve maximum temperature without sintering and slagging yet still achieve stable operation. The optimum operating temperature results in most effective operation and better capture of trace elements & sulfur in a non-leachable ash
    • TRU online measurement and quality control before the combustion process (a 5-10 minutes window, with auto control of the operating temperature available to the control panel). The TRU system uses the latest technologies: X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) and Infrared spectroscopy (IR) in operation at combustion and gasification plants

STEP II: Coal Power with Gasifier for a Cleaner Environment: The age of carbon to gasifier has arrived! In the TRU Group design, adding a gasifier could achieve an over 20% reduction in carbon dioxide and storage is eliminated. For existing coal combustion plants the carbon dioxide is fed directly into the gasifier. No steam and oxygen required, and Boudouard Reaction take control from around 850C. This is akin to having a two step gasification process where the combustion is in one reactor and the gasification in the other reactor. The carbon dioxide saving is a minimum of 15%, provided carbon capture is effective to supply to the carbon dioxide directly for the gasification (reduction) process. Fluidized bed gasification for the reduction step is then possible for a fast reactive process operating on finer particles with and larger surface areas higher carbon conversion, lower operating temperature, etc.

Competitor & Investment SearchTRU Group fracking for natural gas

Oil & Gas Field Equipment
TRU Group examined market, searched for and ranked oil and gas field equipment manufacturing investment prospects based on investor's own criteria. Assessed state of natural gas field drilling equipment, technology leadership and competitiveness. We conducted preliminary evaluations of target companies, made introductions to our client and participated in investor negotiations. TRU Group Inc has undertaken related natural gas assignments such as the extraction of valuable chemicals such as bromine, iodine, and lithium from gas-field produced water brines.

TRU Group Inc is very knowledgeable the design, engineering and operation of "entrained flow" gasification such as those branded Shell gasification, Siemens and Texaco, INternal Circulation, and OMB Integrated Gasification. Deep hands-on work in fixed bed gasification like Lurgi-AL FBDB, British Gas Lurgi (BGL – Envirotherm) and fluidized bed such as Winkler and U- Gas or Fluidized Bed such as Synthesis Energy. TRU Group is critical of engineers who rely on technology suppliers for determining gasifier technology (a common practice in India).

Contrary to common practice TRU Group insists that:
andTRU Group "Matching-Gasifier-to-Coal" Testwork is essential to the determination of the optimal gasifier: and TRU Group has a full capability in this coal testwork. Our capability is strong also in UCG or underground coal gasification.Coal Fly Ash for Cement Plant We have also worked extensively in industries related to gasification such as coal ash processing and fly ash conversion for use in the the cement industry. The cement industry also can use the main waist stream from Pidgeon Process magnesium smelting. TRU Group is expert at in the front-end engineering of issues related to electrostatic precipitators which capture particulate emissions and carbon capture from cement plants (where there is a demand for soda ash).

and TRU Group Small-Scale Gasifier Package - Contact TRU Group Inc about our Small Scale Gasifier Consulting Package of US$90,000 to provide an Opinion and the Basic Front End specification package defined as between 3-7 MW output electrical power

Carbon dioxide sourced by capturing carbon off natural gas burners in a boiler plant is technically feasible. Collection of the carbon dioxide on a larger scale, for example, a natural gas fired power plant is technically feasible, likely more economic and provide carbon tax credits. Implementing a small-scale Methanol Plant using carbon capture inputs is technically feasible.

* By providing clean coal services in the US TRU Group does not imply support for new coal projects. Indeed TRU Group opposes the the indiscriminate use of coal and strongly supports the use of the mandatory implementation of the cleaner coal use and attendant carbon capture methods recommended by TRU Group Inc. Implementing a small-scale Methanol Plant at the Loving Facility is technically feasible.  Carbon dioxide sourced by capturing carbon off natural gas burners in a boiler plant is technically feasible. Collection of the carbon dioxide on a larger scale, for example, a natural gas fired power plant is technically feasible, likely more economic and provide carbon tax credits.

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