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TRU Group Inc Frontier Industry Concept

Global Leadership in Highly Ranked Manufacturing Industries
Focus on Innovative Novel Activity - Manufacturing Consultants in Change

Engineering + Design + Science + Technology + Research + Development + Operate

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High Impact Advancing Industries

3D-Printing Additive Manufacturing
Advanced Equipment
Aerospace & Defense
Artificial Intelligence AI & related Robotics
Autonomous Vehicles
Green Energy notably batteries & solar cells
Medical Devices, Equipment & Med Aids
Natural Gas - User & Downstream Industries
Pharmaceuticals notably generic drugs
Science & Industry Process Instruments
Shale-Gas Extraction Fracturing (Fracking)
Specialty Metal Alloy & high tech Parts
Vehicle Sensor Technology

TRU Group Inc focus is on leading-edge high-tech high-impact advancing technology-intensive industries. In some cases "technology intensity" is found in a "niche segment" of a mature industry so at TRU Group maintain quite a broad capability. With a core of highly qualified and experienced people and the flexibility to engage the world's best most distinguished experts on a project basis when required we have taken-on the the most challenging assignments. Indeed we thrive on resolving issues where others cannot!

The TRU Frontier Industries [some listed on right] tend to be in early stage of development or are going through a disruptive period due to breakthrough novel technological advances, market or other influence causing rapid change in these interrelated industries. A clear example is our mid-2017 assignment in which we are assisting a large US road infrastructure producer to find and implement manufacturing products to enhance the efficiencies of autonomous vehicle onboard sensors such using laser, radar, ultrasound, GPS and other advanced optical technology. In our Frontier Industries TRU Group strives for global leadership in its scope of practice including -

    • Globally recognized expert individual team members
    • Most advanced technically in both the engineering and fundamental science
    • Most extended in industry capability from concept through production to detailed application
    • Strongest sector-wide diverse capability at primary, secondary and all downstream levels
    • Most business savvy in technology, managing, operating, finance, marketing and strategy at all levels
    US manufacturing now ranks an abysmal 9th position globally on "production process sophistication". Going forward 2017-18, TRU Group projects tough times for manufacturing and the need for the aggressive implementation on advanced manufacturing could not be more urgent. The reality is that US manufacturing faces huge challenges with or without the stress inherent in the radical changes in the trade policies envisaged by the Trump Administration. America ranks highly in economic competitiveness and the capacity for innovation but falls short on manufacturing sophistication compared to its competitors. View TRU Group commentary on US Manufacturing Sector global technological competitiveness: US Manufacturing needs Production Process Sophistication to regain its Global Position.

tru group frontier disrutpive material state 0f art manufacture USA EuropeTRU Group are globally recognized leaders in lithium batteries technology as well as top ranked battery materials consultants. We are also high profile in several other advancing industries or novel technologies such as photonic device / fiber optics [out of Tucson Optics Valley] photovoltaic solar cell experts (both for the materials and fabrication of them). Nealy all our work is custom and TRU Group takes on the role of "technology supplier".

Examples of a TRU Group Frontier Industries Assignment:

Manufacturing Opportunities in Autonomous Vehicle - Driverless Car - Sensor Technology & Artificial Intelligence – Enhancing Targets in Road Infrastructure to Aid Sensing Target Efficiencies

TRU Group Inc, June, 2017 - For a manufacturer in the road infrastructure industry in 2017 TRU Group examined manufacturing enhancements to driverless vehicle sensing of road infrastructurimprove the efficiency of onboard sensors in self-driving and autonomous vehicles. The technologies included laser, radar, ultrasound, camera, LIDAR, GPS and mapping sensors. Each have their own software and algorithms. TRU assessed developments in leading edge sensor engineering science and their integration / adoption in autonomous and driver-assisted vehicles. The work included examining potential spin-off from military, armament and aerospace industries. TRU Group identified manufacturing enhancements and is suggesting practical ways to implement them in order to maximize the opportunities in the autonomous vehicle sensor and infrastructure space, as driverless vehicles innovations boost technical capability from the SAE level 2/3 today in 2017 up to level 5 full autonomy in the future.

TRU Group Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing for in-line Manufacturing

TRU Group 2020 evaluated developed AM 3D Printing equipment for use on the production line for a global plastic component manufacturer. Assessed applicability and readiness of the equipment for adoption in the multiple facilities. Analysed issues such as manufacturing speed, per unit cost, piece repeatability, tensile strength, surface and colour. TRU Group in 2019-2020 assessed the competitive landscape in the Additive Manufacturing AM 3D Printing space ranking five of the top US equipment providers. Reviewed the innovative AM technology potential use in and provided recommendations. TRU Group also has 3D Printing capability in AM metals..

For more industries see TRU Group frontier materials leading industries ListAlso those industry segments related to coal gasification such as coal ash processing and ash conversion for use in the the cement industry. Clean-Coal and Carbon-Storage innovation are relevant too, for example see TRU Group Inc Cleantech Coal for Thermal Power Plants! TRU Group is a leader in the extraction of valuable chemicals from oil & gas industry produced-water brines, in 2022 completing a detailed feasibility study of such a plant for Americas' largest oil company. We are Technology Forecasting and innovation specialists!

TRU has built globally recognized leadership in Battery Technology and Materials. For examples, in battery materials see TRU Group capability at the following links-


TRU Group Inc strives for Global Leadership in our designated Frontier Industries
The World's Best Teams in Technology + Capability + Industry Scope

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