TRU Group as of 2022 uses only western citizens for China- related assignments

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TRU Group has historically worked locally in China through our bilingual consultants usually with both Chinese and Western Experience who are drawn upon to work in China on your project. Example assignments by TRU Group have involved engineering, manufacturing, due diligence, laboratory and pilot testwork.. Our western-based consultants have also visited China from North America or Europe as Assignment Leaders. TRU Group have been aware of, and can advise on the the pitfalls of doing business in China, including on the increasingly core issue of technology security.‡

Pivot away from China now before its too late:

For Western Companies Pivoting away from China: TRU Group can compare alternatives to China with the US, Canada, Europe or elsewhere - such as India-ASEAN, Brazil or Mexico - as well as the new Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP. TRU Group encourages North American / European companies to move their operations out of China.

china magnesium metal smelter tru group consultants visit USA europe

Alternatives are particularly attractive for contract manufacturing or fabless business. Also TRU Group is expert in a number of strategic industries such as electronics and 3D printing. We are expert in li-ion batteries, parts and materials. TRU Group is recognized as a leader in strategic materials - rare earths, cobalt, graphite, magnesium, strontium and lithium. Western countries have historically been critically dependent of China for the supply of these strategic materials. Indeed in 2022-2023 TRU Group is engaged in the engineering of several plants in the US, Europe and elsewhere in these segments. For more information on this service please contact TRU Group in North America.

Pre-2022 Examples of TRU Group China Assignments

USA Plastic Materials & China Operations

Telecommunications Plastics Products - China

TRU Group analyzed telecom plastic application problems for an American plastics company that manufactured in China. Advised on plastic materials and product design to improve product performance. Assessed China operations and quality issues to improve output and upgrade for the USA market. Recommended product research and China development TRU Group Plastics Factory in China for USA. Also see TRU Group Plastics

China Lithium Resources & Facilities -

China Lithium Supplier Visit & Evaluation
TRU Group has visited and evaluated most Chinese lithium brine resources, technology and processing facilities for companies interested in investing in the lithium & brine industry.CITIC Guoan Lithium Chemical Plant tru group china
For more on TRU Group and Lithium click here

Magnesium Metal Smelter - China Equipment Supply Evaluation

Magnesium Smelter & Alloy Complex Feasibility
As part of a detailed bankable feasibility study of a 30,000 tpy magnesium smelter in the West, TRU Group visited and assessed Chinese magnesium Pidgeon process smelter technology and the supply of the equipment from China. However, TRU Group concluded that its own design was superior and that China quality and methods were irreconcilable issues. More information on TRU Group Magnesium Capability

‡ Reality Check 2023 - Protection of Corporate Proprietary Technology in China Technology Supplier "Cooperation"

Year 2022 and beyond brings rapidly escalating challenges for foreign companies as Chinese Government "oversight" of both Chinese and China operations of foreign companies intensifies. Individual Chinese citizens with western connections are now harassed and sanctioned for dealing with foreign companies.This unfortunate reversal of earlier positive liberalization trends in China has taken hold over the last five years and raises new and serious strategic concerns for companies with business relationships in China! Risk has accelerated entering 2023 as China fails to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and indeed acts in support of Putin. TRU Group trust in China "cooperation" has all but evaporated! Due to heightened security risks TRU Group has suspended all "cooperation" in China, including specifying Chinese equipment or doing laboratory testwork. TRU Group will no longer support doing business in China. Future TRU Group assignments will focus on pivoting away from China only and will be conducted remotely led by American, Canadian or European Union citizens.

TRU Group in 2023 re-assesses China as high-risk - both business and technical - and has therefore re-oriented and refocused its work related to China as this time. It is sound strategy to leave China: Companies that do not, like those now in 2023 stuck in Russia, have a greatly heightened risk of huge losses. TRU Group encourages all western companies to urgently move their operations out of China and Russia. TRU Group also suggests that manufacturers and consumers STOP buying any Chinese or Russian products.

China Lithium Ion Battery Factory Audit

Process & Quality Issues for USA Importer-User
TRU Group accompanied major American corporate buyer of li-ion batteries on a manufacturing plant process and quality audit.lithium battery manufacturing audit factory inspection tru group chhina usa europe Provided guidance on methods to improve battery factory automation for increased productivity as well as secure li-ion battery safety & quality standards to meet US consumer needs.

China versus United States Market

Wire-EDM Electric Discharge Machines
For US largest copper and molybdenum metal producer, TRU Group studied potential technical issues and markets for wire EDM machining and competitive machining technique trends comparing China engineering methods with those in the United States. Assessed technical applications and wire use including machining cost structure. Influence of competitive environment in China, America and Offshore were evaluated.

New Clients with an interest in having TRU Group work with them on China business please contact:

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Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

ASEAN Plus - Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Korea

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