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TRU Group Panelist at Global Aerospace & Manufacturing Leadership Summit

Tucson Arizona Aerospace & Manufacturing Summit

TRU Group Inc,arizona USA aerospace cluster Tucson, AZ September 7, 2006 Edward R Anderson, President, was be a panelist at the Global Manufacturing Leadership Summit of the Aerospace, Manufacturing & Information Technology Cluster of Arizona. His discussion notes have proved popular (even today 2020 as measured by website hits) and his views adopted widely by others:

TRU Group White Paper Aerospace & Manufacturing Summit Panel Notes Link — "Distribution Strategy - Criteria and Rules Expand your Sales In-house Sales Force, Distributors, or Export?"

Distribution Strategy

"Expand Your Sales: In-house Sales Force? Distributors? Export?"
What's the best way to reach new customers and new markets with your product or service? What about selling outside the US? Learn more about ways to grow though an in-house sales force, distributor partnerships, or overseas exporting!

Southern Arizona Industry & Aerospace Alliance (SAIAA)

Anchored by companies such as Raytheon, Honeywell, Bombardier, Texas Instruments and Evergreen Air Center, the Industry & Aerospace Cluster in Southern Arizona represents defense and space-related manufacturing, research and development, industrial high-tech fields, assembly, distribution and warehousing. It also includes firms that maintain and rehabilitate the nation's commercial aircraft fleet. The cluster is one of Southern Arizona's largest, employing over 20,000 people. It has strong connections with the University of Arizona, University of Arizona Science and Technology Park, Pima Community College, Cochise Community College and the K-12 education sector. Additionally, in partnership with other clusters, it continues to develop active business relationships nationally and internationally. TRU Group Inc is active in specialised aerospace parts manufacturing consulting in Arizona and globally. Also see: Arizona Aerospace Scope and Review TRU Group Tucson AZ USA

Arizona Aerospace Industry in 2017-18

The US is ranked first as the global leader in aerospace production and Arizona is in the top three states for aerospace manufacturing capability.. Aerospace products are Arizona's number three export, at over $1.6 billion in 2004. Arizona is ranked in the top 10 as an exporter of aerospace products and services.

  • 38 firms were manufacturing aircraft parts and equipment
  • 28 firms were manufacturing aircraft engines and engine parts
  • 23 firms were manufacturing avionics, guidance, and navigation equipment
  • 7 firms were manufacturing aircraft
  • 5 firms were manufacturing space vehicles, missiles, and parts
  • 43 firms were flight training establishments
  • Arizona boasts sunny weather year round, perfect for flying any type of aircraft.
  • Arizona's top-ranked research universities and other R&D establishments employ over 100 researchers developing new technologies in the aerospace, IT, semiconductor, and electronics sectors.
  • Arizona is ranked 9th nationally with high tech companies employing more than 108,000 workers at an average wage of $63,000.
  • Arizona's defense electronics manufacturing employs more than 5,000 workers, ranking 7th nationally.
  • Arizona ranked fifth in the nation for Department of Defense contracts in 2002. More than 1,200 Arizona companies and agencies benefited from military contracts, with the largest awards going to avionics and defense related businesses.

Edward R. Anderson, B.Sc. (Eng)., Dpl (Marketing Research)., MBA., FCIArb

TRU Group Inc President & CEO. For more than fifteen years, Edward Anderson has successfully managed many TRU Group international assignments involving investment decisions of hundreds of millions of dollars. He is an expert manufacturing & industrial company analyst and planner. He has assisted start-ups to grow exponentially and obtain the financing to do so. He has several years Vice President Operations at a Tucson, AZ photonics component manufacturer and Director level experience in North American middle-market technology-intensive multinationals. He has worked for prestigious engineering and multi-billion-dollar investment firms. He taught business at the Universities of Arizona and Toronto.

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