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TRU Group works locally in Mexico and through our capability in the US South West close to the Mexican-USA border - the Nogales Maquiladoras are less than one hour drive from our location in Tucson. We have bilingual consultants in all three USMCA (NAFTA) countries who are drawn upon to work in Mexico on your manufacturing project whether it is in manufacturing operations or strategy. TRU Group can independently evaluate any aspect of manufacturing in Mexico (and indeed compare with the US, Canada or elsewhere - such as India, Brazil or South Africa). Indeed entering 2022, Mexico has emerged as a safe alternative manufacturing location as the world pivots urgently away from warmongering China and Russia. Tesla is one on the most recent high-profile manufacturer to announce March 2023 its intention to build an electric vehicle factory in Monterrey. TRU Group extends all its manufacturing consulting services to Mexico and has a distinctive capability in technology intensive manufacturing industry.

New challenges emerging 2020 as NAFTA name is change to USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) : The changes were superficial and TRU Group continued to have the best and most profitable approaches to maximizing the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico by your direct ownership and management, contract manufacturing or the shelter program. Mexico manufacturing of some existing manufacturers are quite sophisticated. The Mexican market is large for many products. You can exploit the large Mexican market and have your internationally cost effective and highly productive Mexican business operate as your gateway to South America and indeed the world . TRU Group is close to the US Silicon Valley / Canada's Ottawa Valley communities and similarly follows (and can support) the Mexican technology clusters like in Jalisco State. Mexico manufacturers can exploit the welcoming hand of Canada, and South American countries and indeed strengthen their market positions by geographical diversification.

Mexico Maquiladoras and the "Shelter Program" IMEX 2020:

The Mexico Maquiladoras industry is a throw-back from the past when the Government officially promoted the idea that you need to engage in government sponsored programs in order to do business in Mexico. The program still exists and is named the "Shelter Program". The shelter program is a modality under the IMMEX program that allows businesses to operate in Mexico without officially incorporating or establishing a legal entity in the country. However, business conditions have changed significantly since the program was introduced more than twenty years ago so many American sheltered companies left the system and the majority of new ventures avoid entering shelters with good results.

Nowadays, if you are a foreign company with a medium or large operation, you are likely better off without the extra costs of a Mexico shelter! TRU Group can strategically analyze your company situation, evaluate your options and recommend the best approach for both existing plants and new entrants. Independent or sheltered existing plants may consider relocating in any event to an area where business conditions could be more favorable to you [for example, you could move from the USA-Mexico maquilas twin-plant border area to further south for greater labor stability.

A Maquiladoras or Maquilas is a plant in Mexico that retains a Maquiladoras Permit from the Mexican government to import raw materials duty free into Mexico for manufacturing, assembly, repair or other processing. The foreign company must re-export a majority of its production.

Mexico Investors in Manufacturing

If you are an investor - corporate or from the financial services sector - looking to invest in Mexico manufacturing or resource industry we would like to hear from you. See "Arizona Opportunities for Expansion through Regional Rationalization with Mexico" In The Arizona Manufacturer by Sonia Vohnout. TRU Group Inc Published Article Tucson AZ, Read more...

TRU Group Mexican Manufacturing Team: The TRU Group Mexican Manufacturing Team have decades of hands-on experience working in Mexican industry, especially on all aspects of Mexican-US manufacturing integration through ownership, contract manufacturing, the Maquiladoras & border-area plants, cross-border-issues and trade. From our Tucson AZ location (less than an hour from the border) our connections run deep throughout Mexico manufacturing. The Team members have been in a hundreds of Mexican plants and worked of every issue arising from their activities. This includes strong experience in moving manufacturing from other countries like China and Russia. As a matter of policy TRU Group encourages North American companies to move their operations out of Russia and China. This being so, Mexico should be considered as an alternative.

TRU trabaja localmente en México, y en el Sur Oeste de los EE.UU. cerca de la frontera entre México y los EE.UU. Tenemos consultores bilingües en los tres países del TLC que trabajan conjuntamente con México. TRU puede ayuda a compañías que cruzan fronteras, comercio con el TLC, y asuntos de manufactura.

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We assist Mexican manufacturers to do business in the United States, Canada and Europe
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