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aluminum • beryllium • lithiummagnesium • sodium • titanium TRU Group lithium metal smelting USA TRU Group Magnesium Metal Smelting Mag Alloy Consulting USA Europe


copper • lead • molybdenum • tin • zinc

chromium • cobalt • nickel • manganese • silicon • tungsten • scandium


antimony • arsenic • bismuth • cadmium • calcium • gallium • germanium • indium• mercury • strontium • tantalum • thallium • vanadium

REE • HRE Lanthanum • Cerium • Praseodymium • Neodymium • Promethium • Samarium • Europium • Gadolinium • Terbium Dysprosium • Holmium • Erbium • Thulium • Ytterbium • Lutetium Yttrium

Aeschynite • Bastnasite • Eudialyte • Euxenite • Fergusonite • Gadolinite • Loparite • Monazite • Monsadrite • Orthite
TRU Group REE REO Rare Earths Consultants USA Canada Europe Rare Earth Elements



TRU Group Inc has one of the strongest experienced-based specialty metals consulting capability globally. Our expertise is comprehensive in the minor, critical or light metals and any metal or alloy that has a peculiar "niche" character. We have the team to solve the most challenging technical issues in these metals. Here is a sampling of our metal consulting assignments -

Feasibility Study - Investor Information Memorandum

Synthetic Rutile - Mining, Processing, Smelting Complex
TRU Group was retained to assist with a $280 million development of a huge dredge mine, mineral processing [zircon, ilmenite, magnetite iron ore, garnet] and iron ore metal smelting to Hot Briquette Iron (HBI) - titanium dioxide TiO2 synthetic rutile [synrutile] complex. Provided technical engineering advice, marketing / financial / location modeling. Prepared Investor Memorandum and found investors.

Metallic Lithium Processing, Engineering and Design plus Economics

Elemental Lithium Metal Smelter & Li Alloys Plant, Lithium Brine, Minerals, Li Chemicals
In 2022-2023 TRU Group is engaged in a conceptual feasibility of a state-of-the-art elemental pure lithium metal smelter and lithium alloy plant. The TRU Group design of the lithium metal smelter will employ the most advanced and improved furnaces and methods for the production of battery grade lithium metal and alloy. Other specialty high grade lithium metal products will be produced. . tru group pure lithium metal and alloy smelter design engineering

TRU Group late 2023 has begun another challenging prefeasibility study of a large metallic lithium plant. (The facility will be integrated with metallic sodium using electrolytic Downs Cells and take advantage of the attendant byproduct chlorine installation.

TRU Group Inc has a strong capability in all aspects of lithium technology - lithium ore & brine mining,processing, metal manufacturing, refining, compounds etcetera and has also worked extensively in Li-ion batteries and lithium alloys in other projects. Indeed TRU Group has probably the strongest experienced-based team capability in the world on lithium! See:TRU Group Lithium and Brine Industry consultants US Europe Canada

Product Development for Metal Compound

Potential for New Application for Molybdenum
TRU Group assessed detailed cost competitiveness of a new application for a molybdenum compound. Calculated the detailed cost for manufacturing the product for the new application versus conventional methods. Examined the relative importance of the cost structure for commercialization. Reviewed market potential and barriers to product launch for the new product. For th same client, Americas largest producer of Molybdenum and copper producer, TRU Group studied potential technical issues and markets for wire EDM machining and competitive machining technique trends comparing China engineering methods with those in the United States.

Project Due Diligence [Electrolytic] / Feasibility Study [Pidgeon]

Magnesium Metal / Alloy Smelting and Refining Plantmagnesium smelter refining US Demming NM tru group magnesium consultant
In 2022 we are engaged in two state-of-the art TRU Group designed magnesium smelters located in Europe and the Persian Gulf. TRU Group Inc undertook due diligence for the investor in a electrolytic magnesium metal smelting and alloy making plant. This involved the TRU technical and business team reviewing all aspects of the $600 million project including metal smelting and alloy technology, ore feedstock, marketing & sales, financial, legal, and human resources. Client separately requested TRU Group magnesium metal price forecast 2006 through 2010. In a separate assignment TRU Group completed a detailed bankable feasibility study of a 30,000 tpy Pidgeon process [dolomite mineral reduction] magnesium smelter & alloy plant. TRU Group is the worlds leading experts on all aspects of magnesium metal and its alloys! Also see Demming NM USA magnesium smelter by TRU Group 2020. TRU Group Magnesium Production Mg Alloy Consultant US Europe

Profitable very Low-Grade Copper Ores? - Technology Package

Profiting from 0.1% Grade Cu Ore 2013 Study TRU Group Inc in 2016 is studying the implementation of methods to process copper ores previously considered uneconomic. The method was developed and involves innovative designs for solution management and bacterial leaching of difficult copper ores including chalcopyrite, and can me applied to small scale operations! Working with a client TRU proposes to provide a "low-grade-copper technology package" to companies to turn previously uneconomic copper resources into viable profitable operations.

Uranium-Silicide, Uranium-Aluminum, Uranium-Molybdenum fuels

Uranium fuels for use in Research Reactors

TRU Group Inc has expertise in Nuclear Fuel Fabrication and the processing of Uranium fuels for use in Research Reactors. This encompasses the fabrication of Research Reactor Fuel and Moly-99 targets to be used for isotope production. Expertise is in Uranium-Silicide, Uranium-Aluminum, and Uranium-Molybdenum (UMo) fuels. Specific expertise includes melting and casting of enriched uranium fuels and uranium alloys (including dispersion fuels and monolithic fuels), inert atmosphere glovebox operations used for pulverizing , blending, and tru group uranium alloy medical isotopes USA Europepelletizing of uranium alloys, extrusion of uranium fuel alloys and dispersion fuels, fuel cladding, and rolling of plate fuels. In support of these fabrication processes, the group also has knowledge of Operating Procedure Development, Quality Control of Nuclear fuel, Quality Inspection methods such as Ultrasonic Testing, Gamma Scanning and Xray inspection, and also preparation of Licensing Documentation to meet regulatory requirements. Peripheral knowledge includes areas of Nuclear Criticality Safety, Radiation Protection, and Nuclear Materials Control

ferrosilicon smelter engineering in USA tru group

Plant Detailed Bankable Feasibility Study

Ferrosilicon and Silicon Metal
TRU Group undertook a comprehensive feasibility study of a silicon and ferrosilicon 65,000 tpy smelter based on the most advanced engineering. Considered various technologies and configurations for the plant based on optimal economics and market considerations. Engineered process and plant and modeled alternatives. Study was conducted in phases leading to a full Bankable Feasibility Study - financial, marketing, business plan, engineering, plant, operations, location and utilities. Specified equipment and obtained western and Chinese quotations. In 2022 TRU Group is designing a state-of-the art unique captive ferrosilicon smelter to be located in the Persian Gulf. The smelter will produce the highest grade and purity 85% silicon metal as one of the output products.

TRU Group is expert in metal forming, casting, and treatment for the specialty metals & alloys. For example, we have world leadership in the joining, soldering or welding of these metals. TRU Group has specialty expertise in process development for carbon-metal bonding based on the following joining processes: exothermic soldering and brazing, active vacuum brazing, diffusion bonding and transient liquid phase bonding. Also seeTRU Group Graphite Bonding Alloy Materials USA

Ranking of Western REE Mine and Processing

Rare Earth Elements West Vs China
TRU Group Inc identified and assessed promising heavy rare earth projects under development in the west and ranked them according to clients criteria. Evaluated geology and processing amenability and compared costs. Modeled processes and costs of production. Determined competitiveness with REE producers in China and the outlook for western verses Chinese market. Focused on heavy REE (examples, dysprosium Dy, Europium Eu, Terbium Tb, Yttrium, Y) used in permanent magnets for electric vehicle motors. Recommended a strategy for client to fulfill its rare earth development requirement. TRU Group REE Rare Earth Element consultancy USA Canada Europe

Business Plan Preparation

Ukraine Electrolytic Tinning Line
TRU staff led team preparing the business plan for a new electrolytic tinning line at a 5 million tpy steel mill located in Ukraine. Assignment included western type local and export market study for tin sheet and techno-economic feasibility study for the plant.

Banker Due Diligence

Twenty Non-Ferrous Metal Facilities
TRU staff led management consulting team conducting Investor Due Diligence on a $2 billion acquisition. Evaluated business prospects for twenty non ferrous [aluminum, copper, nickel] mining, mineral processing, refining and smelting facilities. Included marketing, financial, and operations.

New Refining and Granule-Making Process Commercialization

Strontium, Lithium, Calcium, Magnesium Metal / Alloy
TRU Group worked with inventors of a new metal granule making process that resulted in high quality refined granules suitable for reactive and other specialty metals and their alloys. Prepared commercialization plan and seeking funding and location for first Sr, Li, Ca, Mg refining / granule plant. More on strontium and strontium alloys..

Preliminary Plant Design

Metal Bathware
TRU Group assessed the threat of plastics for large US metal bathware producer. Developed defensive strategies. Preliminary design and financial analysis of new plastic bathware line. Cost analysis of plastics versus metal, and recommendation for production.

Investment Search

Oil & Gas Equipment
TRU Group examined market potential for oil & gas production equipment and competitively positioned manufacturers. TRU Group ranked investment prospects based on investor's criteria. Conducted preliminary evaluations of target companies, arranged introductions and participated in negotiations. TRU Group has undertaking a number of assignments for several of the US and global recognized oil & gas companies such as ExxonMobil and EOG Resources.

metal extrusion machine tru group USA europe

Plant Bankable Feasibility

Magnesium Extrusion and High Pressure Die Casting Plant
TRU Group undertook a bankable feasibility study of a magnesium Extrusion and High Pressure Die Casting Plant as part of a magnesium metal smelting and alloy smelter. This involved the TRU Group technical and business team designing and specifying all aspects of the plant. A full business plan requiring bankable feasibility accuracy was prepared. For more information on TRU Group magnesium capability see TRU Group Mangesium Smelter Consultants USA EU Canada

Iron Ore Processing Options and Potential

Huge Magnetite Iron Ore Stockpile Exploitation
TRU staff evaluated options for the development of a huge high grade stockpile of iron ore that had accumulated over about eighty years of copper mining. One major issue was the tramp elements contained in the iron ore and their removal. Examined processing and smelting options from iron ore, HBI, ingot and steel.

Mineralogical and Amenability Testing

Stockpile and in situ Oxide/Mixed Ore Copper Gold

TRU Group specified, arranged and evaluated a series of bench-scale tests on an oxide ore from the Guelb Moghrein open pit in Akjoujt, Mauritania. The objective of the tests were to investigate the conditions for gold extractions exceeding 90% and the best dissolution of copper for economic reagent use. Also see Arizona Copper Ore Investment

Aluminum Smelter Construction Monitoring

Lender Reporting
TRU staff let the technical team monitoring construction of a major aluminum smelter. Freely examined all aspects of construction and reported monthly to the client bank on progress and any deviations from plans or expectations. Also assessed the financial model for the plant. Also see: TRU Group Engineers USA EU Canada

SX-EW Copper Plant & Mine Financing

Operations Turn-around & Start-up
TRU Group assisted an American de-listed mining & metals company in obtaining financing to restart copper production at its SX-EW [solvent extraction - electrowinning] copper plant and adjacent mine. Also involved zinc and rutile operations. Evaluated, prepared investor documents, and conducted an investor search.

Coal Mine Output Product Assessment

Coal Quality Evaluation
TRU Group assessed local coal resource, coal mining issues and mining costs. Evaluated coal amenability for the production of blast furnace coke and the production of coal gas. See also TRU Energy assignments on coal coking and coal gasification for the production of clean gas. TRU Group Coal Coke gasifier confultancey US EU

Country Mining Sector Reviews

Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe
TRU staff assessed mining and metal investment opportunities in mainly three central African countries for a foreign agency. Reported on mineral sector development. Also routinely wrote reviews of the sector for the local and world industry players.

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