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TRU Group Integrating New Product Launch Team

Consulting + Facilitation for Implementing Integrated Product Launch

The Group integration of the many influencing facets at play in successful product development and commercialization supports the use of the Integrating Product Launch Team.

tru group technical product launch team for new process USA EuropeThe TRU Group "Integrating New Product Launch Team" is the enabling management methodology especially for technology-intensive products - a cornerstone of our simplify-with-integration philosophy - for product development. Beware complicating and potentially misdirecting your process with largely academic product development models that actually add little or nothing to the strategic commercial success of your product launch.

Call TRU Group and discuss why the "Launch Team" focused on customer acceptance is the best proven approach for you. We are expert at technology innovation and new product commercialization: from idea to customer trial, purchase and acceptance. We work closely with you in the facilitation of the process - including undertaking the required laboratory testwork - while providing many of the other resources you need to bring your industrial products successfully to market.

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