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TRU Group Manufacturing & Industry Scope

Technology-Intensive Manufacturing & Industry Consulting

Discrete & Process Manufacturing + Resource Based + Extractive + Utilities

TRU Group Inc consulting has broad industry expertise but has chosen to focus on being best as manufacturing consultants in niche industrial sectors that demand challenging specialized and often unique capability.. components, edfa fiber amplifiers continuous-wave CW high-energy pulsed lasers TRU Group Tucson AZ USA NP Photonics

Mechanical & Process Manufacturing

Resource Based and Extractive Industries

Designated Frontier Industries

driverless car sensing of infrastructure TRU GroupTRU Group Inc locus is Tucson Arizona USA. The state is the home of numerous prestigious multi-billion dollar technology-intensive manufactures like Intel (electronics) and Benchmark Electronics (contract manufacturers). Arizona is a major US center for aerospace, electronics (Desert Valley), Optics / Photonics (Optics Valley), medical devices and the battery sector. In 2017 Arizona became the first mover as a testing ground for autonomous, driver-less and driver-assisted vehicles: In 2020 real autonomous vehicles began operating the the state. TRU Group is involved in the sensors used by this technology (as well as the associated artificial intelligence and robotics) For more on TRU Group focus on niche activities in manufacturing & industry consultancy please view TRU Group USA Canada Mission and Vision for Engineering
For a link to a complete list of Manufacturing Industries according to the Standard Classification of Industries SIC or North American Industry Classification System- US 2002 NAICS codes.

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