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Graphite Conference - Graphene Nanotubes, Nanocarbon, Fullerenes

Graphite: Technology + Industry + Markets Supply & Demand+ Graphite Prices & Price Forecasts
4th Graphite & Graphine Conference, Berlin Germany - TRU Group Inc Graphite Prices Download 2020

TRU Group Price Chart Update:

TRU Group Inc, Tucson AZ Toronto ON release January 15, 2000 - Graphite consultants TRU Group. Flake Graphite Price Chart trend graph 2020 prices TRU GroupSPG Coated Graphite Price Chart 2020 Spherical Coated Graphite trend graph TRU GroupTRU Group grahite prices chart updated:

As Graphite Prices Stumble, Advanced Engineering, Integration and a Robust Business Model become Critical to Success for New Operations says TRU Group

TRU Group Inc, Tucson AZ Toronto ON release October 27, 2014 - Graphite consultants TRU Group Inc says that the latest China monthly graphite export data supports the idea of some graphite price stabilization. Natural graphite prices trending lower would bolster their competitiveness against synthetic graphite and accelerate demand. Graphite Price Forecast Outlook 2014-2015TRU president Edward Anderson says “Graphite prices have developed as earlier projected with natural flake graphite prices continuing their decline through 2014 heading for an average of US$840 per t. There is a tendency to stabilize but this is not to say that prices have bottomed out yet". (See TRU graphite price forecast chart 2009-2015 left). The moderation is more a function of Chinese government policy adjustments as they begin to realize that their attempts to control prices is damaging their own industry - notwithstanding the genuine environmental concerns. Growth of western supply means there are few underlying market forces to hold natural graphite prices at this level and the medium trend in the outlook through 2015 and beyond is negative for most graphite product prices - including prices for (coated) natural spherical flake graphite.

Weaker natural graphite prices are a challenge for the majority of the many new graphite projects under development by graphite mining juniors. Anderson says that "only a handful of the projects are potentially viable operations but even they cannot get needed financing because the owner-junior-miner business models are seen by investors as unsound. Many of the graphite juniors appear by industry specialists on the one hand to be preoccupied with geology and the other hand are caught up in the hype over the Tesla Motors Inc plan to build a lithium battery plant in Nevada, USA. Indeed, some claim to be near production but have not even properly scientifically characterized the graphite they have." Anderson says that "they would do better to spend more effort on the critical operational success matters such as high-tech graphite science & engineering and (in parallel) building the essential distinctive strategic competitive posture." He added that "in reality both investors and Tesla most likely want the same: A technically robust operation with a leading-edge diversified end-product offering and a highly competitive American-centred business model". Download Grahite Graphene Paper pdf TRU Group

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TRU Group Inc LogoTRU Group Graphite-Graphene Team is a core of a dozen distinguished graphite-graphene experts including top management, and senior engineers who have each worked for more than a decade in management and R&D for existing high-tech graphite companies such as GrafTech USA, National de Grafite Brazil, POCO USA, Superior Graphite USA, and from China. Our team has in-depth hands-on experience in the design & engineering of graphite-graphene processes, plants and products. This includes state-of-the-art graphite materials and battery end-product testwork in the US.
TRU Group Graphite Experts Grahene Guru USA

IM 4th Graphite & Graphene ConferenceGraphite Conference Berlin 2014

TRU Graphite-Graphene Team is attending the IM 4th Graphite & Graphene Conference in Berlin Germany December 9-10, 2014 at the Hilton.
To arrange a meeting with TRU at the conference between December 8 - 10th please contact
Edward R. Anderson, TRU Group Inc., President & CEO
B.Sc.(Hons)., Dpl.(Marketing Research)., MBA., FCIArb
International Mobile Cell: +1-520-229-7836

Topics to be discussed & conference papers at the graphite symposium:

    • Consolidation in China and its implications for natural graphite supply
    • Developments in end-user applications and the associated change in demand
    • Pricing insight amid dynamic market conditions
    • The future of the amorphous market
    • Challenges and opportunities for junior miners to acquire funding
    • Graphene R&D advancements – are we any closer to finding a ‘killer application’?

 Confirmed speakers include:

    • Stephen Riddle, President, Asbury Graphite Mills, USA
    • Fabrizio Corti, Senior VP, Timcal Graphite & Carbon, Switzerland
    • Gerry Hand, VP Marketing, Superior Graphite, USA
    • Christoph Frey, Manager Graphite, Magnezit Group Europe GmbH, Germany
    • Klaus Rathberger, Managing Director, Georg Luh GmbH, Germany
    • Shishir Poddar, Managing Director, Tirupati Carbon, India
    • Blair Way, CEO, Flinders Resources, Canada
    • Andrew Scogings, Associate Consultant, CSA Global, Australia
    • Manoli Yannaghas, Managing Director, Stratmin Global Resources, UK
    • Dr Elena Polyakova, COO, Graphene 3D Labs, USA
    • Dr Andy Goshe, Global Technology Director, Morgan Advanced Materials, USA
    • Dr Ian Flint, VP Processing, Elcora Resources, Australia
    • Greg Bowes, CEO, Northern Graphite, USA
    • Alfons Westgeest, Executive Director, EUROBAT, Belgium

Reasons to attend the Graphite & Graphene Event:

      ·   Gain early insight into natural and synthetic graphite pricing and market trends
      ·   Network with key players throughout the natural and synthetic graphite supply chain
      ·   Discuss the impact of Chinese governmental policy on the graphite industry
      ·   Discover what new applications are going to create most demand in years to come
      ·   Learn how junior miners can overcome challenges in sourcing financial backing
      ·   Hear from industry experts about breakthroughs in potential graphene applications

Past Graphite Conferences

4th Graphene Conference 2014 Toulouse, France May 6, 2014.
Parallel Workshop 1: Application of Graphene-based Materials Parallel Workshop 2: Materials & Devices Characterization Parallel Workshop 3: Theory & Simulation Parallel Workshop 4: Worldwide Graphene Initiatives, Funding and Priorities.

Graphite & Graphene Conference 2013 New York, USA Nov 25, 2013.
Session I: Graphite market fundamentals
Session II: Graphite financing
Session III: Graphite Pricing and Price Outlook
Session IV: The Graphene revolution
Session V (a) : Flake graphite products
Session VII: An update on current graphite projects and opportunities.

Conferences Attendees: : • Agora Financial • AMG Mining AG • Angstron Materials Inc • Archer Exploration Limited • Asbury Graphite Mills • Behre Dolbear and Company USA Inc • Big North Graphite • Blackwall Capital Markets • BNP Paribas • Bora Bora Resources Limited • Byron Capital Markets • Canada Carbon Inc • CEMEX Research Group • Chotanagpur Graphite • Compagnie De Saint-Gobain •Coulometrics • Dominik Georg Luh Technografit GmbH • Dorfner Anzaplan Analysenzentrum & • Dorfner Anzaplan Analysenzentrum & Anlagenplanungs gesellschaft MBH • Eagle Graphite • Elcora Resources • Energizer Resources Inc • Focus Graphite Inc • Frontera Minerals Inc • General Lithium • Geological Survey of Norway • George H Luh GMBH • Global Capital Group • Grafoid Inc • Graphene Laboratories • Graphene Stakeholders Association • Graphexel Ltd • Graphite One Resources Inc • Graphite Sales Inc • Hiller Carbon LLC • House Mountain Partners • Hydro Quebec • Imerys Services • IMS GmbH & Co KG • Industrial Alliance Securities Inc • Industrial Minerals • InvestorIntel • JGL Partners LLC • Kumas Refractories Co • Lincoln Minerals Limited • Liquid Crystal Institute Kent State University •Lithium Corporation •MacDougall & MacTier Inc •Maehata Corporation •Magnesita Refratarios SA •MAGNESITA SA •Magnezit Group Europe GmBH • Management Services • Mason Graphite Inc • Mason Wells Inc • Mergermaket • Metal Bulletin • Murdock Capital Partners • Nacional de Grafite Ltda • Northern Graphite Corporation • Nouveaumonde • Power Stand Development (H.K.) Limited • ProEdge Media Corp • Resource Capital Funds • Sakura Graphite PVT Ltd • SGL Carbon • SGS Canada Inc • Shanghai Jiao Tong University • Showa Denko Carbon Inc • Skaland Graphite • Sovereign Metals Limited • Sumitomo Corp Do Brasil SA • Sumitomo Corporation • Superior Graphite • Superior Graphite Co • Syrah Resources Limited • Taber Numisnatics • Talga Resources Ltd • TIMCAL SA • Tokai Carbon Electrodes • Triton Minerals Ltd • University of Leoben - Lehrstuhl Aufbereitung und Veredlung • Uranex Limited • Uranex Ltd • Zenyatta Ventures Ltd •

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