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TRU Group Inc has worked extensively in most countries of the European Union, Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom and neighboring countries.Europe 3D additive printing by TRU Group consultanst USA EU

TRU Group works locally - providing all our consulting services -in Europe including in countries that are not members of the European Union. Our Assignment Teams are selected on the principle of "most qualified" for the task at hand, so TRU Group North American based people travel frequently between the two regions and vice versa. Entering 2022 we are wrapping up some high-tech assignments for European clients, for example in 3D-printing additive manufacturing on the production-line and the feasibility of a specialty smelting of a light metal strontium not currently produced in Europe. Late 2021 TRU Group was engaged to conduct a feasibility for a new magnesium metal and alloy smelter in Romania that will take advantage of a large dolomite deposit and the new Brua natural gas pipeline that is routed through the area.
Crazy Putin attacks UkraineTurbulent Trade Times continues into 2022 in Europe - TRU Group can assist you manage the turbulent trade and business environment resulting from US-Europe trade, Brexit, covid and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine. TRU Group has forthwith suspended activities in Russia. TRU Group will offer special services to assist enterprises to find alternative trading partners to Russia as an urgent priority. TRU Group has visited Ukraine a number of times and is familiar with industry environment there. TRU Group can evaluate the possibility of EU production of dependent products (as it is currently doing in the case of magnesium metal). In addition, we are established and experienced in Canadian or Mexican manufacturing: The EU has trade agreements with both these countries. For British companies facing the new challenges we can assist with refocusing and setting-up in North or South America and the British Commonwealth. Similarly, China is in the trade limelight, particularly on ownership and security issues: TRU Group can assist European entities to evaluate and compare with alternatives jurisdictions like the EU (especially Eastern Europe) itself, India, Brazil and Mexico.

CYPRUS : TRU Group is active in Cyprus which is a full member of the European Union. In 2015 we initiated a programs to bolster activities related to several developing opportunities -

    • Aftermath of Cyprus Banking Crisis, Privatization and Investment
    • Favorable American Investor US$-EU€ Exchange Rate
    • Pending Resolution to the Turkish Northern Cyprus problem
    • Proximity to Greece Economic Crisis
    • Natural Gas Finds - Cyprus, Egypt and Surrounding Region

In 2014 TRU Group initiated programs for assignments related to the new natural gas finds in Cyprus.cyprus natural gas find chemicals Turkey Greece TRU Group EU TRU Group Gasification and Gas Chemicals Team is exploring downstream gas industry development in Cyprus and working on exploiting Cypriot technology for Profiting from Very Low Grade Copper Ore. In addition Cyprus is a TRU Group launchpad for Middle Eastern and regional assignments. TRU Group has conducted many European engineering, industry, trade and market studies for North American and European clients.

The 2022 global initiatives to cut off Russian gas offers a superlative opportunity to Cyprus (with proximate countries) to accelerate natural gas production initiatives and TRU Group is capable of assisting.

Cyprus Natural Gas development needs new Flame says TRU Group! - Natural gas chemicals production could spark development

TRU Group Inc, Nicosia Cyprus, January 5, 2015 – “Cyprus is a good location for medium scale gas-based chemical production like urea fertilizer”, says TRU president Edward Anderson. Anderson is visiting Cyprus to seek investor interest in building niche natural gas derived chemical or medium-scale energy-intensive industrial operations. The nature of the business we plan to establish will be firmed up over the next few months but could range from the formation of a manufacturing company to providing the expertise or undertaking the engineering. Our plan fits well with the developing situation on gas exploration around Cyprus as the proposed plants would be a better option than, and substitute for, uneconomic liquefaction or pipeline transportation of natural gas – especially if proven gas reserves are limited. “I would hope that the Government also is attracted to this idea as these industries provide huge value added benefits to Cyprus in revenues, technology and high paying jobs” says Anderson.Natural Gas chemicals manufacturing consultant TRU Group Europe USA

tru-group-europe-EU-magnesium-metal-alloy-romaniaIn Europe please contact...

Bernard Closset, M.Sc., PhD
Geneva, Switzerland

Bernard M. Closset M.Sc., PhD is TRU Group coordinator in Europe. He speaks most European languages He travels extensively throughout Europe and is frequently in North America. His academic background is in physics, chemistry and metallurgy and he has more than twenty-five years of experience with manufactures in North America and Europe. He is a material specialist - in particular in high technology magnesium, strontium and other light metals*, alloys, or compounds for aerospace, electronics, medical device, automotive and pharmaceutical use. He is a authority on magnesium, strontium, calcium and aluminum metals & alloys technology - primary metal production, refining, engineering, alloying and applications. Bernard Closset is a world renown strontium metal expert [Sr metal is used in Aluminum-Strontium master alloys] * Production and Electrolysis of Light Metals, by Bernard Closset. Pergamon Press 1989, TF82-53/W1

New clients in Europe • Portugal* • Middle East • Gulf States are asked to contact:

Edward R. Anderson, TRU Group Inc., President & CEO B.Sc.(Hons)., Dpl.(Market Research)., MBA., FCIArb
International Mobile Cell: +1-520-229-7836
*Ed Anderson is in Portugal January-February and London March 2022 and available for consultations

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