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TRU Group "Ultimately TRU Group find and retain good Customers for You"

TRU Group Innovative Strategic Integration with Customer Focus

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"Here are examples of how TRU Group activates your company to find and retain good customers"
... says Anderson, TRU Group Inc President

Innovative Activating StrategicMindset Integration of Engineering + Managing + Strategic Planning

TRU Group Strategic Planning

  • Identifies and Defines who your Target Customers SHOULD be
  • Sets Customer-Focused Corporate Mission and Objectives
  • Outlines Activating Policies and Procedures for Implementing Customer Tasks

TRU Group Engineering, Science & Innovation

  • TRU takes care of all your special engineering requirements in support of strategy
  • Undertakes comprehensive Feasibility Studies to Prove that Strategies will work
  • Fully integrates state-of-the-art Engineering, Production Excellence, R&D with Business Functions

Advice on Market Research & Analysis

  • Provides advice on ESSENTIAL Information on Total Target Customer Frame
  • Gives you an Independent View of Your Customer Needs
  • Positions Your Company Optimally Against Competitors

TRU Group Strategic Target Direct Marketing Delivery

  • Implements Effective Integrated Customer Relationship Management
  • Gives Your Sales and Marketing Departments a Kick-Start
  • Directly Activates Your Sales Department to Boost Sales Quickly

TRU Group Product Management, Development and Launch

  • TRU Integrated Approach is Proven to be Most Effective for New Product Development
  • Gives you Confidence that Customers will Buy Your Products
  • Truly Activates Your Product Development Team to Successfully LAUNCH New Products

TRU Group Venture Development

  • TRU Group provides the advice you need on Market Research, Financial, Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies
  • Prepares Documents - Strategic Business Plans, Investor Information Memorandum
  • Finds Strategic Partners, Customers and Supplies, Undertakes Due Diligence
TRU Customer Buyer Decision Process ChartAt TRU Group "Ultimately we find and retain good customers for you"
Consult TRU Group on integrating your Engineering, Managing and Strategic Planning!