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TRU Group works with you to get closer to your customers in the industrial supply chain. We could survey your customers - existing and potential - prior to the meeting or you can hear from your customers first hand at the TRU Group Customer Forum for Industrial Buyers.industrial purchasing supply chain focus group TRU Group USA Europe

Find out in a free and open discussion - a focus group without the one-way mirror - what you are doing well and what needs improvement. Learn from your customers themselves what they expect from you in products, prices, promotion, and technical engineering support service. Listen face-to-face, probe and respond.

TRU Group Trade ShowJoin with your industrial customer decision-makers - Purchasing Manager, Buyer, Supply Chain Manager, in the issues they have in their own companies. Bond with your customers - let them know that they are an integral part of your business.

Supply chain management is complex for technical industrial manufactured products bought by companies - quite different from consumer products bought by individuals. Multiple purchasing decision-makers and various levels can be involved!

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...consult TRU Group on your Customer / Purchaser / Buyer Forum!

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