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TRU Group Business Plan Outline

Sample Business Plan for a Manufacturing Enterprise or Start-up

Any business plan should be strategic and oriented towards its purpose and audience. Your business plan is a roadmap for your day-to-day management but may also be used, for example, to raise money, find a strategic partner or be part of a feasibility study. There is no one fits all template to cover all business types or purposes. Companies with technology intensity or manufacturing have added complexity. As a general rule, keep your business plan simple, focused and strategic by making strategic planning an integral part of business plan preparation. Make sure your business plan reflects the strategy you intend to implement and that you have a viable business model. Here is an outline for your business plan -

Typical Business Plan Table of Contents -

Table of Contents

The Company

              • Mission and Objective
              • Business Description
              • Investment and Financial Projection

Marketing Plan

              • Our Target Customers & Sales Objectives
              • Product/Market & Prices Outlook from Market Research
              • Our Competitors and Our Position (Share)
              • Implementation Roadmap

Operations & Technical Plan

Financial Plan

              • Financial Plan Assumptions
              • List of Manufacturing Equipment Required with Cost
              • Five-year Income (Profit & Loss or OPEX) Statement & CAPEX*
              • Profitability analysis (EBDIT, Gross Margins, IRR, NPV, Pay-back period)**


* OPEX = Operating Profit Expenses Statement / CAPEX = Capital (Investment in Plant & Equipment) Expense
** EBDIT = Earnings Before Depreciation, Interests and Taxes / IRR = Internal Rate of Return / NPV = Net Present Value

As independent bankable business planning consultants TRU Group can prepare the type of plan you need in the 2020 industrial investor environment: And if you already have a business plan we can suggest ways to improve it. We provide all of the inputs you need for your plan, for example a viable business model backed by market research. Then we can assist you with implementation too, for example by finding you investors or partners. We do ALL of the technical and engineering development your may need to make your plan operationally sound. TRU Group technical experts can be made available at special fee rates to promising start-ups.

TRU Group Ventures Capital Introductions: TRU Group can assist start-up companies to obtain venture capital or other funding. In such cases TRU Group analysis should confirm substantial potential. The start-up would typically be a (manufacturing) business model that would be of interest to Silicon Valley "Bay Area" California USA venture capital firms. The start-up should be seeking a minimum $5 million injection for a technology-intensive business in manufacturing. TRU Group Inc venture assignments are non-refundable upfront retainer fee (and may include a success fee). TRU Group does not advise individual investors or invest itself.

TRU Group provides comprehensive venture services: VC Venture Capital Business Plan Template Business Plan Sample

Consult TRU Group Inc on your Strategic Business Plan for Manufacturing Enterprise Today!

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